Media Center

Our Library/Media Center is the hub and heart of our school. It is an interactive space where students come to innovate, create, and discover endless of possibilities. It is used for research, book circulations, study groups, technology, STEAM, and monthly celebrations. In addition, we host our Faculty Meetings, Student Displays,  Guest Speakers, and District Parent Meetings. It is a place used by all of our faculty and staff and most of all our students.  We have over 13 thousand books in all genres available for circulation.  Students are allowed to check out 2 books at a time with a return time of 10 days. Over the years we updated our book collection with over $20 thousand dollars. Our pride has been being awarded the Media Center Make Over by the Extra Yard for Teachers, The Orange Bowl Committee, and School Specialty.  We received modern furniture and maker space areas for our students to enhance their innovations.  We welcome you to our Library/Media Center and hope you enjoy all that we have to offer.